Carte Blanche præsenterer workshop på QuongaFest

Carte Blanche creates immersive performance-installations. This work gives weight to all sensory elements – for example: light and darkness, textures, smells, sound, as well as the quality of presence of the performer. All these elements are tailored to draw an audience into a poetic, playful and deeply felt reflection on reality. Methodologically, the work is concerned with the art of listening: the tiny but fundamental internal shifts (sharpening of attention, opening of curiosity and playfulness) we make as humans when we want to move towards what we don’t know: be it a question, an environment, another person, a creative process or our own selves.

The Workshop will give participants a feel for immersive and sensorial installation-performance, plus introduce them to a phenomenological approach to their surroundings. How, as artists, we can use our own felt experience of being in the world to enter into a poetic inquiry of the everyday reality around us?

The workshop will be held by artist in residence at Carte Blanche, Sarah John – originally from Australia. Sarah makes immersive performances and installations. She is particularly interested in invisible things and how to listen to what is hidden beneath, between and within everyday reality.


Thursday the 16th, kl. 15.00-16.30